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WTI Nonpareil taps are manufactured at our plant in Haverhill, Suffolk.

Wire Insert Hand Taps

Parallel fluted hand taps are the most commonly used type of wire insert tap. The term 'hand tap' was originally applied to this type as they were only suitable for hand tapping. However, modern WTI hand taps, due to much improved manufacturing techniques, are also suitable for machine tapping.


Wire Insert Machine Taps WTI manufacture two types of Wire Insert Machine Taps, the Spiral Point Tap and the Spiral Flute Tap. WTI spiral point taps have been designed primarily for the machine tapping of through holes. WTI spiral flute taps have helical flutes that are ground in the same direction as the thread.


Wire Insert Cold Forming Taps WTI cold forming taps have no cutting edges or flutes. They are designed to cold form wire insert internal threads in aluminium, brass, magnesium, zinc and other ductile metals.


Pilot Nose Wire Insert Taps WTI Pilot Nose taps have been developed for the repair of damaged sparking plug threads without the need for additional drilling.


Wire Insert Tap Materials & Finishes WTI taps are designed to generate wire thread insert tapped holes in a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. They produce close tolerance tapped holes in accordance with all internationally recognised wire insert standards and are compatible with all other wire insert manufacturers products.


Wire Insert Tapping Data The success of any tapping operation depends on many factors and each of these factors presents a different problem and in each way demands individual attention.