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WTI inserts are manufactured at our plant in Moira, Derbyshire. They are readily available in 5 standard lengths, special lengths, pitches and materials can be manufactured to individual customer requirements.

Free Running Inserts Produced from precision profiled austenitic stainless steel wire wound into a helical spiral, WTI free running inserts have a spring like appearance. When installed using any one of a variety of manual or automatic tools they provide strong permanent internal threads which resist heat and corrosion.

Screw Locking Helical Inserts Screw locking (or prevailing torque) inserts are of particular value in applications subject to the effects of cyclic vibration or impact. In addition to the benefits afforded by free running inserts, WTI screw locking inserts offer the additional security of prevailing locking torque.

Insert Materials & Finishings WTI Standard inserts are manufactured from fully certified, aircraft quality, 18/8 austenitic stainless steel in accordance with DTD 734A (equipment specifications AMS 7245, EN 2947, W.NR.1.4301). This material yields a high degree of toughness and hardness and is highly resistant to corrosion.